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Gloucester Car Boot &

Flea Market

Wednesdays To Be Advised      Sundays at HR9 7QQ


The earlier you start the more you will sell. Serious Buyers start early.

Bring Change. You pay on entry to the Seller Park and you will miss sales if you don't have ready change to hand if someone offers you a £20 note.

Price the stuff you want to sell. It helps Buyers to quickly decide to buy or make an offer and it encourages multiple sales.

Expect to have to haggle. You can be firm on your prices, but Buyers will make offers.

Bring a supply of old newspapers to wrap things and as many supermarket plastic bags you can find. Buyers like purchases wrapped and bagged.

Bring plenty to drink if it's hot weather and some food if you don't want a breakfast bap or a burger. We have caterers on site, but the fare is usually fried!

Tables are perfect, but an old blanket or groundsheet will do if you don't have tables [We hire them if you want].

If you have an old gazebo, it will extend your sales period if the weather is forecast to be showery - it is England, after all!

A warm sweater or coat should be at hand in case it turns cold or windy.

Don't play your radio for long periods or leave car doors or boots open as it may drain a battery very quickly and your car may not start again. We have jump leads, but if it's crowded we may not be able to get to you for a while.

Be prepared not to sell everything you bring and unfortunately, you can't leave it behind, sorry. Our waste bill is already too high!

A Few Tips To Help

Your Seller Experience

We Want Your Visit as a Seller to be Pleasurable & Profitable, So We Have Put Together a Few Suggestions that We Think Might Help.

They are not Mandatory or Exhaustive, but from our experience they will help